Last updated: Jul, 21 2023

Event: Park Inauguration by President

Park Inauguration by President

Event Date: 01-07-2021

On August 1st, 2021, the management committee of the Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing Society (FOECHS) organized an event to inaugurate the society's first park. The event was attended by society members and guests and was inaugurated by Dr. Israr Ahmed, the esteemed Vice President of the society. The importance of green spaces in fast-growing areas cannot be overstated, which is why FOECHS took this initiative to provide a leisure space and meeting place for residents of all ages and social categories. The park has been designed not only to be green but also to be highly clean and secure for the society's residents. This event marks an important milestone in FOECHS's commitment to providing quality living spaces to its residents. The park will undoubtedly serve as a great addition to the society, offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.